Choose Your Own Ending

When I was a child in school I came across the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. It touted that “you are the star of the story,” and you could choose from 40 possible endings. The reader made choices at critical parts of the story, and would then turn to a certain page to continue the story. I hated it when I ended up falling into a canyon! Just like in real life, every choice had consequences.

In the Bible, Israel was faced with a great many choices that determined the nation’s outcome. Observe the Passover, or neglect the command (Ex. 12:21-28)? Stay with God, or return to Egypt (Ex. 14:10-12)? Obey God’s law, or rebel (Ex. 24:3-8)? Allow fear to rule, or trust God’s strength (Num. 13-14)? Serve God, or return to idols (Joshua 24:14-15)? On and on it went!

There were many other crucial moments in the history of Israel, but none more pivotal than the day Christ walked among them. The choice was eternal life, or eternal punishment (John 10:10-11; Matt. 25:31-46; Mark 16:16).

Like those who first heard the gospel in the first century, we also have set before us a blessing or a curse, and we are given the privilege to choose our own ending! His word over our own will (Matthew 7:24-27). Love over hate (John 13:34-35; Luke 6:27). Spirit over flesh (Romans 8:13).

It’s your adventure. What will you choose?

Matt Clifton

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