Are You Tuned to the Right Station?

Are You Tuned to the Right Station?

George Washington Carver was a man who lived very close to God’s creation. As a youngster he was very interested in plants and experimented with natural pesticides, fungicides, and soil conditioners, earning the nickname “the plant doctor” for his ability to improve gardens, fields, and orchards. Later as an agricultural scientist and inventor, he developed … Read more

We Need a Light!

Recent destructive tornadoes in our country have caused me to think about how dangerous such storms are when they come in the dark of night. You can’t look outside and see them coming! When I was a kid, radar technology wasn’t anywhere near the quality we have today. White blobs on a black background may … Read more

Choose Your Own Ending

When I was a child in school I came across the Choose Your Own Adventure book series. It touted that “you are the star of the story,” and you could choose from 40 possible endings. The reader made choices at critical parts of the story, and would then turn to a certain page to continue the story. … Read more